During every fall and winter in Oklahoma City, we will be exposed to a number of monster storms. It’s therefore even more important to prepare your vehicle carefully for the cold weather and road conditions. This significantly increases vehicle safety and helps prevent accidents. There are several measures and tips that our professionals have shared with you in this article to maintain the efficiency of your vehicle and your safety. So, read along to learn more!

Never Forget the Fuel Level

Do you have the habit of driving on the fuel reserve of your car and waiting until the last minute before refueling? If you said yes, maybe you will reconsider this way of doing things. Just think about the situation of many people who spent hours inside their vehicles waiting for reinforcements. Leaving your car outside and exposed to the harsh weather is the last thing you want.

It is estimated that a vehicle consumes almost 1 liter for every 10 kilometers. Thus, you would need at the very least 8 liters as an emergency reserve to reach your destination without worrying about the fuel level – whether it’s for a trip or work. Very often, the warning light indicating a low fuel level only comes on when there are only 5 liters left.

Change the Engine Oil

In the autumn, it is recommended to switch from summer oil to winter oil. Winter oil is more resistant to cold temperatures, does not freeze, and performs a better flow during cold temperatures. Simply put, visit a reliable auto repair shop in Del City, OK and ask for synthetic motor oil or winter motor oil.

Have the Braking System Checked

In addition to the oil and fuel level, the condition of the brakes is another important element to check when the cold weather arrives. A brake in good condition guarantees your safety on the road. To prevent your handbrake from getting stuck, especially on cold mornings, have your vehicle checked by the nearest auto repair garage.

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Go For All Weather Tires

Designed to adapt to winter and summer temperatures, “4 seasons” tires – or “all seasons” tires – are an excellent choice. They appear to be the perfect compromise for riding safely on the road all year round, with a minimum of constraints. However, if you prefer the original tires, just make sure to get them properly aligned and look into getting snow chains.

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Now that everything has been checked and all the above tips have been taken into consideration, you are ready to ride safely. If you need a professional check for your vehicle components or want to winterize your car, come to our auto repair shop in Del City, OK. To book an appointment, call us at (405) 702-4098. The team at H.W. Automotive Inc wishes you a safe journey!