Have you recently checked your tires? As you look around the side of your car, you may notice that your tires have become more scuffed up and worn out, and the tread probably has some damage from driving long distances over the years. No matter how long you’ve had your set of tires, it’s important to inspect them every now and then. In our blog, we discuss the signs of wear and tear on your tires, and also help you determine if you need new ones!

Cupping and Scalloping

Cupping and scalloping happens when worn or damaged suspension components cause the tire to bounce as it moves forward, coming down harder on some spots of the tire than others. Bad shock absorbers are the usual cause; although, anything that connects to the wheel can be a concern. Unbalanced wheels may also cause cupping or bald spots to form.

Cracking and Expanding

If your wheels have come into contact with potholes or curbs, cracking can occur. Also, large ruptures running along the rim can be caused by impact or under-inflation, while small cracks in the sidewall or tread usually form from exposure to the elements and age. (An important note for drivers to read: Under-inflation and over-inflation put tires at a greater risk of damage from impact.)

Outer Edge Wear

A common cause of outer edge wear is under-inflation. As the tire pressure drops, it can cause the tire itself to flex more, and the heat that builds up can cause an unwanted blowout. Under-inflated tires don’t absorb bumps well, and may knock the front end out of alignment or damage the suspension. Another reminder for drivers: don’t rely on the car’s tire-pressure monitoring system to let you know when a tire is low on air. – Check your tires manually!

Single Side Wear

Is your car’s incline-setting off? If so, your tire is probably leaning too far to one side. Worn or damaged springs, ball joints, and suspension bushings can also cause single-side wear. As we mentioned above, some probable causes can be from driving with heavy loads or forgetting tire rotations. If you’re experiencing side wear on your tires, having your tires aligned can be an easy fix!


Examining the wear and tear on your tires can detect wheel problems and more. For a professional tire inspection, visit H.W. Automotive Inc. Our expert mechanics will check your tires so you can drive safe on the road! Click here to view our website.