Summer may not be here just yet, but it’s never too early to start preparing your vehicle for the upcoming season. After all, seasons can change quickly, and if you live in a place with extreme temperatures or weather, your car could suffer if it hasn’t been properly prepared. For hot summers, there a few essential things you’ll need to do for your car to make it ready for the high temperatures. Read on to learn more.

Air Conditioner: Your Best Friend During Summer Months

This is probably obvious, but you should make sure your air conditioner is working and that the associated parts are in good condition to better handle the hotter months; this includes the belts, the compressor and its fins. Check for damage and make sure to remove debris from the fins to stay cool on all of your commutes during the summertime.

Keep it Cool; Check Your Radiator

Your radiator is one of the most vital parts of your car and should be checked routinely, but especially before hot weather hits. Make sure that none of the hoses are leaking and be sure to top off the reservoirs as needed. You should also do a coolant flush to remove debris.

Keep on Rollin’ with Summer Tires

Summer weather calls for different tires, so switch them now. It’s also important to make sure the pressure is at a good level. Hot weather can cause old tires to blow up, which is scary and dangerous. We really can’t overstress tire care during the summertime.

Stop on a Dime: Brakes

Finally, remember that brakes tend to suffer during summer weather as well. That means you might need to replace your brake pads. Listen for unusual noises when braking, such as squeaking or grinding. If you hear something, don’t wait to take care of it.


The tips we’ve mentioned above are just a few ways that you can make your vehicle summer ready. To summerize your car more thoroughly and to save yourself the strenuous labor, bring your car or truck to H.W. Automotive Inc.! We’ll give you peace of mind during the summer and keep your car running great!