The best time to replace your shocks and struts is before you need to. There is no catch-all answer for how long shocks and struts last, but there are signs and telltales that can suggest that they’re in a very bad condition and need a replacement ASAP. Here are four important warning signs.

Leaking Fluid

You may notice worn shocks and struts if you know where to look. If you know next to nothing about these things, a fluid leak from the shocks and struts is a visual clue that they need to be replaced. Shocks and struts contain hydraulic fluid that helps to absorb impact, so if this fluid leaks out, it won’t be able to function properly.

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Uneven Tire Wear

Take a look at your tire tread every now and then. It says a lot about your vehicle’s performance. If you notice that your tires are wearing more on one side, it’s time to have your shocks and struts inspected. This is caused when the tires don’t stay firmly on the road, and they bounce up and down.

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Excessive Bouncing

Vehicles of all makes and models are designed to absorb all the extra bounce and shock from the road to keep you safe. However, if you drive normally and you hit a speed bump and feel every little bump in the road, it’s a strong indication that your shocks and struts need to be replaced.

Difficulty Steering

Another red flag that your shocks and struts need to be changed is difficulty steering. If you find that your vehicle is feeling stiff while you’re driving or hard to turn, it could be due to worn shocks and struts. This can be particularly dangerous at high speeds, so it’s important to have your vehicle inspected as soon as possible.


It is crucial to know how your car ‘feels.’ A lot of damage and many problems can be avoided if you pay attention to the warning signs and keep up with your regular maintenance. When you need professional shocks and struts replacement in Oklahoma City, contact H.W. Automotive Inc. Our seasoned mechanics will make sure that your car is always in perfect condition. Visit our website or give us a call at (405) 702-4098 to learn more about our services.