At a time when the cost of gasoline is high and environmental pollution is a growing problem, eco-driving is a must. However, it is possible and easy to reduce your expenses, avoid polluting, and improve your gas mileage by making eco-driving a simple task. We’ve compiled some useful tips to do in order to reduce your car’s fuel consumption, so keep on reading!

Avoid Traffic Jams

Doing your best to avoid traffic will prevent the extra unnecessary fuel consumption. For this, prepare your itinerary. The majority of GPS maps are updated in real-time and will allow you to avoid work zones and slowdowns.

Stop Your Engine When Necessary

Can’t avoid the traffic jam? If you find yourself stuck in completely stand-still traffic with no movement, stop your engine. At idle, in fact, you are still consuming fuel – and polluting – unnecessarily. Nevertheless, when traffic resumes, drive carefully and smoothly, and always try to maintain a reasonably safe distance from the vehicle in front.

Keep a Distance from Other Vehicles

You may have seen other drivers driving too close and tailgating other vehicles. Driving close to the vehicle in front means constantly braking and accelerating. Continuous braking wears down brake pads and disks and increases tire wear. Continuous acceleration also increases fuel consumption and may cause a collision. Many accidents happen due to this type of driving mentality, so avoid it.

Keep an Eye on Your Tires

Under-inflated tires have a larger ground contact surface and, therefore, greater rolling resistance. However, studies show that 20% to 30% of a vehicle’s fuel consumption and 24% of road vehicle CO2 emissions are tire-related. So do a favor to Mother Earth and to your car by checking at least once a month that your tires are inflated to the maximum pressure recommended by the manufacturer.

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A Regular Maintenance

A well-maintained vehicle consumes less fuel. Oil level, air filter, air conditioning, spark plugs, brakes, etc. – malfunctions of certain components of your vehicle also affect its fuel consumption. So be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations or pay a visit to your local auto shop every now and then.

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By following the advice mentioned in this blog, you can practice eco-driving and contribute to the protection of the environment. When you need professional auto maintenance in Oklahoma City, contact H.W. Automotive Inc. Our highly trained mechanics will make sure that your car is always in perfect condition. Visit our website or give us a call at (405) 702-4098 to learn more about our services.