When it comes to wear and tear on your clutch, there are some things you can do to prevent an early replacement. If you don’t want to burn out the parts as quickly, then it’s important to follow these tips to prolong your clutch. Continue reading to learn more!

Put Your Car in Neutral

Only use your clutch when you need to. This means that when you’re a red light, you can give the clutch a rest by shifting into neutral. Furthermore, when you’re parked, it’s a good idea to have your emergency brake engaged. This also applies if you are parked on a steep hill. The less you use the clutch, the overall less wear on your parts.

Don’t “Ride” Your Clutch

What does it mean to “ride” your clutch? Well, it’s essentially kept in between the motion of being fully depressed and fully released. Keeping your clutch in this state can deplete its lifespan quicker. For example, if you have seen a car rolling slightly forward and backwards, the driver is riding the clutch. This is especially common in traffic situations or when parallel parking.

Avoid Resting Your Foot on the Clutch

Moments in slow traffic can cause you to switch back and forth on the clutch. However, if you decide to rest your foot on the clutch, you may not realize the damage you are doing. Go Auto explains, “Your foot forces the clutch pedal down and then causes it to take up the slack. This, in turn, causes the clutch friction disk to slip, creating heat and ultimately wearing your clutch out.” Try to avoid it as much as possible!


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