Restoring classic cars is a popular hobby among men and women all around the world. Years of experience coupled with guidance from a trusted mechanic is the best way to eventually master the art of vintage vehicle restoration. For those just starting out, the general steps one should take are as follows:

  1. Strip down and remove any interior parts and pieces that are broken, unwanted, or unsalvageable. Before dismantling functional parts take pictures or videos of how it’s all connected together for simple reassembly later.
  2. Drain any fluids that may be lingering in the engine or transmission.
  3. Begin restoring the bodywork of the vehicle. This step will be mostly comprised of metal work which should be done by an experienced expert.
  • Repair or replace and reinstall major components such the engine, transmission, and exhaust. At this stage you can also install a new suspension, brakes and axels if necessary.
  • Put the finishing touches on any electrical wiring, fuel systems, and complete the braking system.
  • Last but not least install new interior, tires, and wheels on your ride before taking it to your mechanic for its final inspection.

Final Thoughts

Owning a classic car is about the experience, lifestyle, and time honored craftsmanship. At H.W. Automotive Inc., we believe that affordable vintage auto services can also be backed by integrity. Our team has served countless local residents over the years and is committed to helping those interested in classic car restorations. Check out our informative website for more information about our services in the Del City, OK community.