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Three Things You Can Do To Extend Your Clutch Life

When it comes to wear and tear on your clutch, there are some things you can do to prevent an early replacement. If you don’t want to burn out the parts as quickly, then it’s important to follow these tips to prolong your clutch. Continue reading to learn more!

Put Your Car in Neutral

Only use your clutch when you need to. This means that when you’re a red light, you can give the clutch a rest by shifting into neutral. Furthermore, when you’re parked, it’s a good idea to have your emergency brake engaged. This also applies if you are parked on a steep hill. The less you use the clutch, the overall less wear on your parts.

Don’t “Ride” Your Clutch

What does it mean to “ride” your clutch? Well, it’s essentially kept in between the motion of being fully depressed and fully released. Keeping your clutch in this state can deplete its lifespan quicker. For example, if you have seen a car rolling slightly forward and backwards, the driver is riding the clutch. This is especially common in traffic situations or when parallel parking.

Avoid Resting Your Foot on the Clutch

Moments in slow traffic can cause you to switch back and forth on the clutch. However, if you decide to rest your foot on the clutch, you may not realize the damage you are doing. Go Auto explains, “Your foot forces the clutch pedal down and then causes it to take up the slack. This, in turn, causes the clutch friction disk to slip, creating heat and ultimately wearing your clutch out.” Try to avoid it as much as possible!


When you need auto maintenance for your clutch and brakes, contact our certified technicians at H.W. Automotive Inc. for an expert service. We have honest and competitively priced services for your automotive needs. To schedule a service at our shop, call (405)-702-4098 today. We look forward to serving you!

How Rainy Weather Can Affect Your Vehicle

If you live in an area that rains or experiences heavy floodwaters, then you’re probably more cautious when driving on the road. You can do your best to avoid obstacles and watch for other drivers, but sometimes there are situations that you may not be prepared for. Rain can be a major cause for electrical problems and other malfunctions, which can be dangerous for you and the people driving near you as well. In this blog, we have listed a few ways rain can affect your vehicle, including ways you can counter the problem too.

Engine & Electrical Systems

Driving through floodwaters can be a risk for blowing your engine. Instead of taking a chance and flooring it through the water, its best to turn off your engine and wait it out. Similarly, water can seep past the rubber molding on your doors and windshield, which can cause damage to your electrical system and soak the inside of your cab.

Tires & Brakes

Worn out tires can be a hazard on the road since you won’t have as much traction to the ground beneath you. With rainy roads, this may cause you to hydroplane and lose control of your vehicle altogether. To avoid this situation, change your tires before the rainy season begins. In addition, you will want to check your brakes. You want your brakes at optimal performance, especially if your driving in the rain on residential streets where you’re constantly stopping and accelerating.

Safety Checks

Here is a list of safety checks to follow to prepare your vehicle for rainy weather:

• Check rubber molding and windshield wipers for cracks
• Make sure brakes are working well so you have enough distance to stop on slick roads
• Be sure that brake and headlights are clear and bright
• Check tires for good tread to avoid slipping and sliding


Prepping your car for rainy weather is easy when you have a team of professional mechanics to help you. When you contact us at H.W. Automotive Inc, you can be confident that your automotive service is completed on time and up to industry standards. For more information on the list of services we provide, visit our website and make an appointment for your vehicle today!

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