A few years ago, many people would argue that manual-transmissions cars outshined automated cars to have a better fuel economy. However, over the past years, car dealers and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) claim that the mileage is the same due to improved automatics. We are going to discuss which is the superior transmission and saves you more money.


If you doubt the EPA statements, it will make sense since they don’t investigate any cars. The vehicle manufacturers do the analysis and then inform their statistics to the EPA. Also, there are cases where car manufacturers gave some inaccurate numbers like Hyundai and Ford. Therefore, the EPA numbers are estimates of vehicle mileage. In actual testing, the mileage numbers cars get often are lower, particularly in city and mixed driving. Regardless of this fact, modern automatic transmissions do better or just as well as manual transmissions. There are two reasons for automatics transmission being better than a manual transmission.

Gear Sets

One reason is the number of gears. It’s not unusual now for automatic transmissions to have between six and nine forward speeds. The international gears competition can result in 10- and 11-speed automatics in the future. Also, there are continuously variable automatic transmissions (CVTs) that use pulleys to alter the gear ratio continually. Additionally, the different gear ratios a vehicle has available, the easier it is to catch the proficient gear at any time, improving the car’s overall mileage.

Lock-Up Torque Converter

The second reason why automatic transmissions are better is that they have a lock-up torque converter. Before manual transmissions helped with locking the car in a particular place, so it got better mileage. It is the same reason why a vehicle with a manual transmission will stall if you come to a stop without taking it out of gear. However, automatics use a sticky and fluid connecter allowing the transmission to slide when a car stops to avoid the engine from stalling. Although, the same fluid used to slide at low speeds and guzzle gas at higher rates. The lock-up torque converter resolved the issue by allowing an automatic transmission to lock into gear at higher speeds automatically.


Automatics transmissions get better mileage these days. Driving a manual does not have a cost advantage unless the price of an automatic transmission is unreasonable. The only real reason to buy a manual is to have amusement. But there will be times when both transmissions will need repairing.  Our certified technicians at H.W. Automotive Inc. specialize in transmission repair and can fix all of your vehicle issues. To schedule a service at our shop, call (405)-702-4098 today or visit our website at https://www.hwautomotiveok.com/.

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