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4 Signs of Worn Shocks and Struts

The best time to replace your shocks and struts is before you need to. There is no catch-all answer for how long shocks and struts last, but there are signs and telltales that can suggest that they’re in a very bad condition and need a replacement ASAP. Here are four important warning signs.

Leaking Fluid

You may notice worn shocks and struts if you know where to look. If you know next to nothing about these things, a fluid leak from the shocks and struts is a visual clue that they need to be replaced. Shocks and struts contain hydraulic fluid that helps to absorb impact, so if this fluid leaks out, it won’t be able to function properly.

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Uneven Tire Wear

Take a look at your tire tread every now and then. It says a lot about your vehicle’s performance. If you notice that your tires are wearing more on one side, it’s time to have your shocks and struts inspected. This is caused when the tires don’t stay firmly on the road, and they bounce up and down.

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Excessive Bouncing

Vehicles of all makes and models are designed to absorb all the extra bounce and shock from the road to keep you safe. However, if you drive normally and you hit a speed bump and feel every little bump in the road, it’s a strong indication that your shocks and struts need to be replaced.

Difficulty Steering

Another red flag that your shocks and struts need to be changed is difficulty steering. If you find that your vehicle is feeling stiff while you’re driving or hard to turn, it could be due to worn shocks and struts. This can be particularly dangerous at high speeds, so it’s important to have your vehicle inspected as soon as possible.


It is crucial to know how your car ‘feels.’ A lot of damage and many problems can be avoided if you pay attention to the warning signs and keep up with your regular maintenance. When you need professional shocks and struts replacement in Oklahoma City, contact H.W. Automotive Inc. Our seasoned mechanics will make sure that your car is always in perfect condition. Visit our website or give us a call at (405) 702-4098 to learn more about our services.

Signs You Need a Wheel Alignment

Are you having trouble steering and keeping your vehicle straight on the road? In such a case, your vehicle’s wheels likely need an alignment. To help you understand better, we have listed some of the most common symptoms of your vehicle being out of alignment. Without further ado, scroll down to read more.

Common Symptoms of Your Car Being Misaligned

Here are some common symptoms you can check out when your car needs an alignment. You may notice one or more of these alignment issues:

  • You will notice uneven or rapid tire wear.
  • When you are driving straight, you will notice the steering wheel is crooked.
  • You will experience noisy steering.
  • You will have difficulties while pulling to the right or left.
  • You may hear squealing tires.

When Is the Right Time to Get an Alignment?

When you have confirmed that your car has one or more of the above symptoms, you will want to take it to a professional technician for a thorough inspection.

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Benefits of a Wheel Alignment

1. Improved Steering

It gets harder to steer when your car’s wheels are out of alignment. It may require extra effort to hold the steering wheel at an awkward angle to drive the car straight. This lack of control on your vehicle can increase the risk of getting involved in an accident. However, getting a properly functioning wheel alignment means you are able to steer and maintain stable control of your vehicle.

2. Longer-lasting Tires

Misalignment of the wheels can lead to premature and uneven tire wear. Often, car owners wait to get a wheel alignment, which leads them to buy new tires. Therefore, it is necessary to check your tires frequently until it’s too late. Here are some signs of uneven or premature tire wear:

  • Feathering
  • Camber wear
  • Heel and toe wear

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Getting a wheel alignment is essential to keeping your car in the best shape throughout the year. If you require wheel maintenance or other auto-diagnostic needs, you can quickly contact H.W. Automotive Inc. Our highly trained technicians will ensure your car is in excellent condition. Call us at (405) 702-4098 to schedule a service, or visit our website to learn more.

Warning Signs You Should Get an Engine Diagnostic

A seasoned driver quickly catches what is wrong with their ride in an instant. Sometimes, it is really hard to pinpoint the exact issue because one symptom could mean countless things. For example, the burning smell of rubber can be worn-out tires or a broken belt. The car vibrating could be a problem with the transmission or wheel alignment. Here are some warning signs you should get an engine diagnostic test to identify any malfunctions.

1. Your tailpipe is emitting an unusual amount of smoke.

Steam coming out of your car tailpipe is very common, especially in the cold weather, but if you see black smoke emitting from your tailpipe, it is high time you get an engine diagnostic test. Colored smoke coming out of your tailpipe is never a good sign, so this needs to be diagnosed as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your engine.

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2. You hear unfamiliar sounds coming from the engine.

Squealing brakes are a definitive indicator of failing brakes, but there are some sounds that even a professional can’t figure out. For example, a rattling sound coming from the engine could mean many things. That is why it is advisable to go for an engine diagnostic test to detect the real problem that is causing strange noises.

3. Your car electronics are not working properly.

Finding the cause of your electronics’ malfunction might be challenging because it could be anything from your alternator to your battery to your computer system. Your dealership’s factory-trained expert can use their diagnostic equipment to figure out why your electronics aren’t working correctly. To maintain your car running at its peak, they will also be able to repair or replace the problematic parts with authentic manufacturer components.

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4. You smell strange odors in your car.

Strange smells are never a good indication of your car, but occasionally you can identify where they are originating from. For instance, if you’re braking hard while traveling down a steep hill, the brakes may overheat and emit a burnt odor. However, you might detect gas or other unidentified odors on different occasions.


It is essential to keep your car in the best shape throughout the year. Car maintenance can be daunting, and an engine diagnostic test is one way to detect all the problems. For all your auto-diagnostic needs, you can quickly contact H.W. Automotive Inc. Our highly trained technicians will ensure your car is in excellent condition. Call us at (405) 702-4098 to schedule a service, or visit our website to learn more.

Warning Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs Extensive Repair

In extreme temperatures, we are all thankful for our vehicles’ air conditioning. As spring approaches, the weather is expected to get warmer, and the need for air conditioning in your car will be necessary. It is an excellent time to ensure that the air conditioning works correctly to avoid any problems later. Following are some warning signs that your air conditioner needs extensive repair.

  1. There is no air coming from the air conditioning vent.

If your air conditioning vent is throwing no air despite being on full blast. This is a problem you should be looking into. Multiple reasons lead to this problem, like blown up fuse, failed blower resistor, or blocked air intake. Get it fixed as soon as possible to avoid any air conditioning failures down the line.

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  • Air conditioning unit is making strange noises.

This is one of the problems that drivers face everywhere. Strange unexplained noises from your air conditioning vent are a warning sign to get it checked and repaired before a complete unit failure. The issue could indicate an obstruction such as leaves or other debris in the system, worn bearing, failed compressor clutch, blower motor, and principal component failure.

  • Air conditioning unit is emitting foul smells.

A weird odor comes through the vents of your car shortly after you switch on your air conditioning. It shows that it needs some repair. The smell is likely due to a dirty cabin filter or mold growth. Inspect your cabin filter and get it cleaned thoroughly to avoid emitting foul odors.

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It is essential to keep your car in the best shape to avoid costly repairs. Car maintenance can be a daunting task, and sometimes we may skip it for multiple reasons. For all of your auto maintenance needs, contact H.W. Automotive Inc. Our highly trained mechanics will ensure that your car is in good condition. Call us at (405) 702-4098 to schedule a service or visit our website to learn more about our services.    

Eco-Driving Tips to Reduce Fuel Consumption

At a time when the cost of gasoline is high and environmental pollution is a growing problem, eco-driving is a must. However, it is possible and easy to reduce your expenses, avoid polluting, and improve your gas mileage by making eco-driving a simple task. We’ve compiled some useful tips to do in order to reduce your car’s fuel consumption, so keep on reading!

Avoid Traffic Jams

Doing your best to avoid traffic will prevent the extra unnecessary fuel consumption. For this, prepare your itinerary. The majority of GPS maps are updated in real-time and will allow you to avoid work zones and slowdowns.

Stop Your Engine When Necessary

Can’t avoid the traffic jam? If you find yourself stuck in completely stand-still traffic with no movement, stop your engine. At idle, in fact, you are still consuming fuel – and polluting – unnecessarily. Nevertheless, when traffic resumes, drive carefully and smoothly, and always try to maintain a reasonably safe distance from the vehicle in front.

Keep a Distance from Other Vehicles

You may have seen other drivers driving too close and tailgating other vehicles. Driving close to the vehicle in front means constantly braking and accelerating. Continuous braking wears down brake pads and disks and increases tire wear. Continuous acceleration also increases fuel consumption and may cause a collision. Many accidents happen due to this type of driving mentality, so avoid it.

Keep an Eye on Your Tires

Under-inflated tires have a larger ground contact surface and, therefore, greater rolling resistance. However, studies show that 20% to 30% of a vehicle’s fuel consumption and 24% of road vehicle CO2 emissions are tire-related. So do a favor to Mother Earth and to your car by checking at least once a month that your tires are inflated to the maximum pressure recommended by the manufacturer.

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A Regular Maintenance

A well-maintained vehicle consumes less fuel. Oil level, air filter, air conditioning, spark plugs, brakes, etc. – malfunctions of certain components of your vehicle also affect its fuel consumption. So be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations or pay a visit to your local auto shop every now and then.

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By following the advice mentioned in this blog, you can practice eco-driving and contribute to the protection of the environment. When you need professional auto maintenance in Oklahoma City, contact H.W. Automotive Inc. Our highly trained mechanics will make sure that your car is always in perfect condition. Visit our website or give us a call at (405) 702-4098 to learn more about our services.

Foolproof Guide to Taking Care of Your Car This Winter Season

As the winter approaches, so does your car’s ability to withstand the extreme weather condition. Winter is not only hard for us but also our trustworthy mode of transport. If you are not careful with your car’s maintenance, you might be in for a long haul this winter. The following is a foolproof guide to prepare your car for the winter so it remains in optimal condition. No matter if your car is old or new, following this guide will ensure that you stay safe on road.

1. Install winter wiper blades and keep the wiper fluid full.

Lack of visibility is one of the major causes of accidents on the road during the snowy winters. That is why you must install winter wiper blades for your windshield and make sure that the wiper fluid is always full. This allows you to get rid of any accumulating frost while driving your car. It also helps by breaking away the frost, so your windshield remains intact in extreme weather conditions. You can find both of these items at your local auto parts store.

2. Use winter tires for maximum traction on snowy roads.

Chances are that winters hit really hard where you live. All season tires can do the trick but in extreme winter weather conditions, it is advisable to install winter tires for maximum traction. It is a common occurrence for the rubber in the non-winter tires to harden when temperatures drop. This reduces the tire grip and friction that keeps the car steady on the road. Winter tires are engineered to resist hardening during the winter season, providing better traction in ice and snow.

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3. Check your car’s battery.

The battery doesn’t sustain much temperature induced damage during the winters, but it is advisable to keep a check on the car battery in case of depletion. You don’t want your car to stop in the middle of the road because of a battery failure. There is distilled water in the battery and if it freezes up, the car can suffer damage beyond repair. So, make sure that your car battery is fully charged and serviced for the winter season.

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It is essential to keep your car in the best shape during the winter season. Car maintenance can be a daunting task, and sometimes we may skip on it for multiple reasons. However, for all of your auto maintenance needs, you can easily contact H.W. Automotive Inc. Our highly trained technicians will ensure that your car is in great condition. Call us at (405) 702-4098 to schedule a service or visit our website to learn more.

Driving Home for Thanksgiving? Here’s How You Can Get Your Car Ready for the Trip

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so are you planning to pack your car and head home for turkey, quality time, and midnight gatherings? If so, to help you have a smooth and stress-free holiday driving experience, we have compiled some essential vehicle maintenance tips that will help you be more prepared and get you home safely.

1. Test the Major Components of Your Car

It would be tough for you to check all of the moving parts on your vehicle. But if you want your car to run smoothly, you can get your vehicle checked by a professional auto mechanic. Ensure that you check out the following major systems:

  • Starters
  • Alternators
  • Batteries
  • Car Engine & lights

Contact us to see what tests we can do for you to ensure your vehicle is in good running condition.

2. Diagnose or Repair Your Vehicle

Inspecting your car before you head off on a long road trip should be your top priority. Make sure to check that all your lights, tires, and safety features are functioning properly. In addition, check the fluids of your vehicle, such as the oil, antifreeze, and gas. Lastly, don’t forget to check your wiper blades.

3. Get an Emergency Travel Kit

Being stuck on the side of the road in a broken-down car is not less than a deeply distressing dream. Therefore, it is necessary to have an emergency kit with all the basics. This will help keep you and your loved ones safe, because you never know what can happen. So, whether your trip is an hour, a day, or longer, make sure to carry emergency supplies with you.

  • Flashlights
  • Spare batteries
  • Flares
  • Water and Snacks
  • Blankets
  • Electronic accessories like a phone charger, earphones, etc.


Instead of panicking at the last moment and wondering why your car’s AC isn’t working, it’s better to take precautions beforehand. We hope that the information provided above will help you keep your vehicle functioning properly. If you want to diagnose or repair your vehicle and you don’t know where to start, come to H.W. Automotive Inc, the most trusted and reliable name in Oklahoma City. Learn more about our services and our seasoned team by visiting our website or by giving us a call at (405) 702-4098.

Tips To Help Preserve Your Vehicle During Fall And Winter

During every fall and winter in Oklahoma City, we will be exposed to a number of monster storms. It’s therefore even more important to prepare your vehicle carefully for the cold weather and road conditions. This significantly increases vehicle safety and helps prevent accidents. There are several measures and tips that our professionals have shared with you in this article to maintain the efficiency of your vehicle and your safety. So, read along to learn more!

Never Forget the Fuel Level

Do you have the habit of driving on the fuel reserve of your car and waiting until the last minute before refueling? If you said yes, maybe you will reconsider this way of doing things. Just think about the situation of many people who spent hours inside their vehicles waiting for reinforcements. Leaving your car outside and exposed to the harsh weather is the last thing you want.

It is estimated that a vehicle consumes almost 1 liter for every 10 kilometers. Thus, you would need at the very least 8 liters as an emergency reserve to reach your destination without worrying about the fuel level – whether it’s for a trip or work. Very often, the warning light indicating a low fuel level only comes on when there are only 5 liters left.

Change the Engine Oil

In the autumn, it is recommended to switch from summer oil to winter oil. Winter oil is more resistant to cold temperatures, does not freeze, and performs a better flow during cold temperatures. Simply put, visit a reliable auto repair shop in Del City, OK and ask for synthetic motor oil or winter motor oil.

Have the Braking System Checked

In addition to the oil and fuel level, the condition of the brakes is another important element to check when the cold weather arrives. A brake in good condition guarantees your safety on the road. To prevent your handbrake from getting stuck, especially on cold mornings, have your vehicle checked by the nearest auto repair garage.

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Go For All Weather Tires

Designed to adapt to winter and summer temperatures, “4 seasons” tires – or “all seasons” tires – are an excellent choice. They appear to be the perfect compromise for riding safely on the road all year round, with a minimum of constraints. However, if you prefer the original tires, just make sure to get them properly aligned and look into getting snow chains.

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Now that everything has been checked and all the above tips have been taken into consideration, you are ready to ride safely. If you need a professional check for your vehicle components or want to winterize your car, come to our auto repair shop in Del City, OK. To book an appointment, call us at (405) 702-4098. The team at H.W. Automotive Inc wishes you a safe journey!

How to Improve Your Gas Mileage

We have all seen gas prices go up recently, and it has put a strain on drivers to be able to afford filling up at the tank. With the upward trend in the prices of fuel, it has grown imperative that you make the most out of every drop so you can save money. Although it may seem difficult, there are many ways you can reduce your gas consumption. For some tips to improve your car’s gas mileage, keep on reading!

Tip 1: Check the Tire Pressure

Deflated tires cause more drag than necessary, which causes the engine to generate more power and hence, increase fuel consumption. Under-inflated tires can have a detrimental effect on your MPG by as much as 2.5 percent. Ensure your car’s tires are inflated to the right pressure so you can enjoy the optimum performance of your car without extra fuel being consumed.

Tip 2: Have a Light Foot On The Gas Pedal

Uneven acceleration and braking increase the fuel consumption of the car. People tend to keep a heavy foot on the acceleration paddle out of habit. Practice smooth and gradual acceleration and braking to get the best gas mileage out of your vehicle. Developing this habit will definitely make a difference. You will be surprised by how much money you can save by following this tip.

Tip 3: Get Rid Of Excess Weight

It is commonly known that the heavier the car is, the more gas it consumes. Get rid of unnecessary weight from your car and watch your mileage stretch. Bike racks and roof boxes can be culprits of this issue. Inspect your backseat and trunk to see what you can remove to improve your gas mileage.

Tip 4: Use the Car Gears Properly and Effectively

Have you heard drivers revving their engines? Don’t be that person. Use your gears properly and speed accordingly to the gear you are using. Over-revving creates multiple problems for the car, for instance overheating, and it consumes more fuel than necessary. Make sure you don’t labor the engine by being in a gear that’s too low for the speed and terrain.

Tip 5: Get Your Car Serviced Routinely

Last but not least, get your car serviced routinely to keep your car in top shape. A car that has its engine serviced regularly and in line with manufacturer schedules, using the correct parts, fluids, and lubricants, will work better and be more fuel efficient than one that isn’t. It’ll be more reliable, too.


It is essential to keep your car in the best shape so you can get the most out of your gas fill-up. Car maintenance can be a daunting task, and sometimes we may skip on it for multiple reasons. For all of your auto maintenance needs, contact H.W. Automotive Inc. Our highly trained will ensure that your car is in good condition. Call us at (405) 702-4098 to schedule a service or visit our website to learn more about our services.    

5 Things Every Car Owner Needs To Know

If you’re a car owner and wish to keep your car in good running condition, then here are some of the most important things that you need to know. To guide you, we have narrowed down a list of things that you need to consider. Scroll down to read more!

  1. Shouldn’t ignore your warning lights.

Often, car owners ignore warning lights. But these warning lights should not be ignored, as they indicate when something in your vehicle is not right or having issues. So next time you see a warning light in your car, try to address this issue immediately, because if you ignore this, it might lead to more expensive repairs and maintenance.

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2. Immediate attention to engine noise.

If your car sounds different than it has before, it means that your car’s engine might need attention. Here are some of the most common sounds that need complete attention:

  • Knocking sounds
  • Squealing sounds
  • Clicking sounds
  • Popping sounds
  • Hissing sounds

Therefore, if you hear any of these sounds from your car, head to your nearest auto repair shop to get this problem diagnosed.

3. Most repairs are covered by car insurance.

Having car insurance does offer financial protection. This applies if your car suffers losses due to an accident, fire, or other related damages. You won’t have to face financial loss because it’s covered by your auto insurance policy.

4. Purchasing tires.

We understand that making the right choice between purchasing winter tires and all-season tires can be quite difficult when you don’t know anything about tires. To make the right choice, you can consult a highly qualified tire expert. As specialists in the automotive industry, they have the knowledge and expertise to guide you with your tire purchase.

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5. Visit a professional technician.

To keep your car in good condition, it is necessary to visit to a local auto shop. Overall, regular maintenance will help you save money if your car suffers any major damage or repair issues. Here are some common issues that you need to check regularly:

  • Dead battery
  • Shaking of the steering wheel
  • Overheating engine


It’s difficult to predict what can happen to your car. Taking necessary precautions can help you avoid unnecessary hassle. Turn to the professionals at H.W. Automotive Inc if you’re experiencing any of the above red flags. For more information on our full list of services, visit our website or give us a call at (405) 702-4098.

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