There are a large number of problems associated with the summer. These problems can range from overheating and flat tires to broken air conditioners and battery issues. It is not uncommon to experience these events and it can be very frustrating when these problems occur. Here is a handy driver’s guide for solving common summer car problems.

Tire Pressure Fluctuations

Flat tires are never fun, and that’s particularly true in hot weather. But tire pressure fluctuations are way more dangerous than flat tires. There is a rule of thumb that says that every 10 degrees change in the air temperature, up or down, causes a change in tire pressure by 1 PSI. This can affect things like traction, handling, and the overall life of the tire.

In order to know the ideal air pressure for your car in all environmental conditions, you can review the car’s instruction booklet or visit the nearest automotive shop.

Engine Oil and Its Viscosity

As a car owner, changing the engine oil is a routine requirement according to the mileage of the car. But in the summer, care must be taken when choosing the type of oil. The high temperature increases the fluidity of the oil, which may expose the engine parts to a lack of the necessary lubrication. Therefore, choosing a motor oil with a higher density and viscosity should be the first thing on your list of summer car prep.

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Dead Battery

This is one of the most common summer scenarios and the perfect storm you may face. Hot weather puts a huge pressure on battery voltage. The good thing is that the dashboard gives you a signal before the engine stops completely working. And the most prominent signs that the battery is no longer working at its full efficiency are dim lights when moving slowly and the need to turn the ignition more than once before the engine starts.

To know the extent of the battery capacity, you can visit your nearest auto shop for a free battery testing.

Air Conditioner

The car air conditioner is one of the most important systems in the summer. The last thing you want is an air conditioner problem during your summer outings. So keep your eyes peeled and check if there is any issues before going on any trip. To ensure that the air conditioner is working properly, we recommend keeping up with your routine maintenance and inspections.

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Most car owners forget that the real problems with their car start with the approaching hot summer months. The sun and high heat creates a devastating combination for your car unless you take the right precautions at the right time. Turn to the professionals at H.W. Automotive Inc if you’re experiencing any of the above red flags. For more information on our full list of services, visit our website or give us a call at (405) 702-4098.