Not only are car air fresheners unsightly, but constantly purchasing refills can quickly become wasteful and expensive. Follow along below we discuss many ways in which you can make your car smell good that are more affordable and sustainable than traditional air fresheners.

Essential Oils

Finding essential oils to purchase has never been easier. To make the scent from the oils last longer, drop some into a porous material that can be stored under the seat or on the dash board.

Baking Soda

Baking soda has powerful odor absorbing properties and is very affordable. Sprinkle it all over your carpets and seat and allow to sit before thoroughly vacuuming it away.

Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are compact and affordable enough to be used everywhere. Stuff them into the cracks of the seats, underneath seats, under the floor mats, and anywhere else you can fit them.

Coffee Beans

If you love the smell of coffee fill a sock with whole coffee beans. Put the sock underneath a seat and every time you enter your car you’ll feel more energized and awake. In hot weather the beans slowly begin to roast, making this trick even more effective.  

Wax Cubes

Wax cubes are essentially small chunks of potently scented candles. By placing a small jar filled with scented wax in a cup holder, the sun will melt the wax and effectively make your entire car smell great.

Cinnamon Cones

Cinnamon cones are pine cones that have been doused with the smell of Christmas. For a very strong smell you can place an entire bag beneath a seat or only use a few individual cones for a milder aroma.


Life would be much simpler if we were only responsible for how our cars looked and smelled. When you car needs more than just a refresh, bring it to the team at H.W. Automotive for honest and reliable maintenance and repair services in the Del City, OK community.